Fleet Foxes 08-11-08

January 12, 2009


ABC1, Glasgow, November 8 * * * * *

For those of us that saw Fleet Foxes back in June deliver what was a memorable debut performance downstairs in the ABC’s smaller room, the worry tonight was their intricate multi-part harmonies would be swallowed up by the cavernous surrounds of the high-ceilinged ABC1.

The omens weren’t good early on. Having arrived to a heroes’ welcome, a troublesome guitar meant five minutes passed before the Seattle-based five-piece were ready to ease into opener Sun Giant. However the delay was soon forgotten and any lingering fears their sound wouldn’t translate to a bigger venue quickly banished, as four dreamy harmonies soared from the stage, instantly intoxicating the sold-out crowd.

Usually there are songs that act as a trigger, less popular numbers which hasten the flow of punters to the bar and increase background noise – that wasn’t the case tonight. Instead the music’s ability to transfix ensured a revered silence was observed throughout but particularly on Ragged Wood, White Winter Hymnal and the sublimely meandering Mykonos.

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, Katie Cruel and Blue Ridge Mountain, complete with sinister 60s spy thriller mandolin riff, rounded off a faultless display from a band who at the moment can do no wrong.


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