Cuddly Shark @ ABC2 09-01-09

January 20, 2009

ABC2, Glasgow, January 9 * *

Reviews of their debut release may have been positive but tonight live at the ABC2 it proved hard to muster any real enthusiasm for a band whose music felt one-dimensional and devoid of ideas. Their efforts weren’t helped by a real lack of stage presence as the trio earnestly worked their way through an inoffensive eleven-song set.
Taken from their new double A-side single, the three-piece kicked proceedings off with Bowl Of Cherries and while it proved a promising opener ultimately it was to be one of few highlights in a performance that failed to catch the crowd’s imagination in any meaningful way.
The linear nature of many of the songs aired coupled with the kind of introverted by-the-numbers delivery you’d expect from a school band made caring about Cuddly Shark for thirty or so minutes difficult.
Without a spark of passion and no discernible band dynamic it was a wholly unremarkable display from the three-piece. Songs like A Nod To Weezer, Hails Of Bay and Woody Woodpecker sounded dated and largely lifeless and although The Sheriff Of Aspen Terrace had its moments it too failed to ignite and salvage what was at best an average set.


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