Cerys Matthews @ ABC1 25-01-09

February 2, 2009

ABC1, Glasgow, January 25 * * *

In recent years Cerys Matthews has been better known as a reality TV star than a recording artist. After the acrimonious demise of Britpop boomers Catatonia, and a brief repatriation to the States, Matthews returned home and appeared on I’m A Celebrity.
The choice of comeback-route wasn’t a great surprise at the time, but two years on it seems somewhat incongruous, a fact the Welsh songwriter seems ready to accept if her anti-reality TV quips are anything to go by tonight.
Those chats between songs provided much needed filler throughout as with the distinctly reserved crowd seated, and low in number, the complete lack of atmosphere that plagued pretty much all of Matthews’ performance would have been unbearable.
Save for guitarist Kevin Teel’s occasional bluesy country flourishes it was a set that offered little real excitement, instead the fifteen or so tracks taken mainly from Matthews’ Nashville and folk inspired solo career, came and went in easy, inoffensive style.
The darker Americana of Weightless Again showed Matthews and her four-piece band in the best light but the inclusion of Road Rage seemed somewhat out-of-place alongside her less poppy more Celtic-fare.


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