Karima Francis @ Tut’s 22-01-09

February 2, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, January 22 * * *

With the music world awash with mediocre singer/songwriters, the term itself has come to provoke a certain degree of trepidation when spoken out loud – in essence it’s become something of a dirty phrase. The latest to try and avoid the inevitable connotations is Blackpool-born chanteuse Karima Francis.
Starting strongly with The Author, the slight singer showed from the off that hers is a very natural style. It has to be, given the emotive nature of her lyrics and heart-felt honesty of her delivery which, even when the music erred on the overly sentimental, won the crowd’s approval.
You could feel the significance that performing songs like Francis and set highlight Hold You plays in Francis’ life. The latter in particular, brimming with a restrained anguish and a certain desperation, provoked the biggest reaction from the crowd and also from Francis herself, the singer thanking the audience for making her “enjoy playing it for the first time in months”.
On the whole it was a promising display from Francis and one which will no doubt help her star rise, but with much work still to do and a tendency at times to get Mariah Carey-ed away it remains to be seen if she’ll be able to break free from the singer/songwriter pack.


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