The New 1920 @ Tut’s 28-01-09

February 2, 2009

THE NEW 1920
King Tut’s, Glasgow, January 28 *

There’s always a hope when you check out a new unsigned band that you’ll discover something a bit special. Sadly that wasn’t the case tonight as The New 1920 put in the kind of display memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Playing their first night as Fighting With Wires’ tour support, the Cardiff quartet looked out of their depth from the start. Lacklustre generic songs that wouldn’t have been out of place at a school rock concert certainly didn’t help their cause, but ultimately tonight’s poor showing was down to singer Colin Francies.
It’s hard to recall a less convincing frontman that’s ‘graced’ the Tut’s stage. Vocally Francies lacked the necessary power and self-belief to sell his band’s derivative alt-rock songs while his continued hand gestures – akin to a slightly demented, distinctly second-rate Zach de la Rocha impersonator – prompted some to laugh rather than raise their hands in appreciation.
Attempting to kick-start a round of applause after most numbers smacked of desperation and on the whole proved futile as it was a largely static and disinterested crowd that witnessed songs like the aptly-named Head For The Exit, the bizarrely-titled Stay Swiss and final offering Come Around make little impact.


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