The Cribs @ ABC1 04-02-09

February 6, 2009

ABC1, Glasgow, February 4 * * *

Over the last five and a bit years The Cribs have played fifteen gigs in Glasgow. They’re very much a band who thrive on stage and who in the past have bunked off recording in favour of hitting the road, such is their love for playing live.
A punk ethic and single-mindedness when it comes to making music has helped the Jarman brothers acquire an ardent cult following, while the addition of Johnny Marr – on loan from Modest Mouse – and a breakthrough third album has undoubtedly opened the quartet to a wider audience.
Tonight, the first date of their mini comeback tour, had been billed as an opportunity for “road testing new material in smaller venues”. However just how successful their sixteenth trip to Glasgow was – this time at the cavernous ABC1 – is debatable given the varied impact of those new songs aired, next single We Share The Same Skies being one such disappointment.
Less than impressive sound and an overly ramshackle performance didn’t help matters either during the course of what was a distinctly unimpressive seventy-five minutes. Not that the four-piece could do any wrong in the eyes of a passionate sell-out crowd, Hey Scenesters the first of many indie anthems to swell the diehards down the front into one giant surging mass.


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