The Cribs @ ABC1 04-02-09

February 9, 2009

ABC1, Glasgow, February 4 * * *

When Johnny Marr joined The Cribs last year the news was met with some surprise in the music world. Marr, a long-time fan of the Wakefield trio’s work, is still a member of Modest Mouse and will soon be heading back to tour the States with his day job. But before he does there’s a mini Cribs tour to rattle through and a new album to record with the Jarman brothers.
They would have rattled through tonight’s set a lot quicker if not for the unpredictability of their vintage gear. It’s not a criticism in terms of losing momentum between songs but rather it made the gig last longer, and given the less than sparkling display emanating from the stage that was an unnecessary hardship for those of us less than thrilled by the quartet’s lacklustre performance.
However the vast majority of the sold-out crowd were more than happy to pogo along when the four-piece belted out singles like Hey Scenesters and Men’s Needs but tellingly much of the new material sounded unfinished, at times shambolic and subsequently failed to convince.
Second on the bill, Portland trio The Thermals showed flashes of what might be on tracks like Here’s Your Future and You Dissolve but like the headliners it was a set of few highlights.


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