Late of the Pier @ Oran Mor 08-02-09

February 13, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, February 8 * * *

Given their Smash Hits, sorry NME earned endorsement, and appearances on the under-age gig scene it’s no great surprise that Oran Mor had a distinctly youthful vibe tonight for the appearance of Late of the Pier.
The English quartet pump out futuristic 80s electro-pop capable of creating a throng on the dance floor and tonight they did just that. Such was the frenetic pace of their ten-song set that they didn’t even overrun despite being considerably later than billed on stage.
It’s a shame then that when the band did finally appear we were subjected to overwhelming jolts of foundation-shaking bass. It all but obliterated Space And The Woods, Heartbeat and Random Firl, multi-instrumentalist singer Samuel Dust’s vocals lost on each occasion.
Not that it seemed to bother a crowd intent of making the most of their over 14s tickets. Their enthusiasm and energy were reflected by proceedings onstage where the four, clearly enjoying themselves, went about their business with the kind of purpose you’d expect from a band determined to make their fans dance.
All in all it was an entertaining spectacle but with too many tracks feeling disjointed and over-developed it was more about the performance than the music.


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