Mongrel @Tut’s 06-02-09

February 13, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, February 6 * * *

Once they were purely known as supergroups but these days inter-band projects prefer to be called collectives. It’s certainly a term that fits Mongrel well. No doubt named for the band’s mix of influences and styles, theirs is a distinctly politicised communal approach to music.
The biggest “name” in the line-up and certainly the most outspoken is Jon McClure. Leader of Reverend and the Makers, McClure is something of a marmite figure in the world of indie after his Alex Turner career kick-start.
Ironically tonight he proved the weakest link musically, his faux rap and Tim Westwood-isms felt comedic at times while his Daniel Beddingfield meets Norman Wisdom vocals failed to lend the necessary passion required to deliver lyrics written to protest the world’s social injustices.
Of the three vocal artists to take up mic duties, it was UK hip hopper Lowkey who really made his presence felt. His passion and sentiment was clear even if the lyrics weren’t. An ability to work the busy crowd didn’t hurt his credentials either especially among those partisan diehards down the front during Free Palestine.
As a band setting out to highlight their chosen injustices it’s hard to say with any conviction that Mongrel was successful tonight. Sure the crowd sang along when prompted but mindless sections also indulged in the “here we f**king go” chant, a barometer of idiot-indie if ever there was one.


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