Secret Machines @ Tut’s 11-02-09

February 18, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, February 11 * * * *

New York-based trio Secret Machines made a name for themselves back in 2004 with the power and potency of their live shows promoting debut Now Here Is Nowhere. Five years and two albums later the trio has returned with an eponymous LP and a change in line-up – Phil Karnats replacing Ben Curtis on guitar.
The line-up’s not the only thing to have changed in recent years. More polished, less psychedelic and with a nod to prog-rock, The Secret Machines is a band in transition. Their musical evolution has been a matter of some debate among critics but ultimately the best way to judge a band is live.
Whether they did enough to convince on the new material is debatable. Of the three new album tracks aired Atomic Heels easily stood out, its typically strong rhythm and more focused approach helping outshine the flimsy The Walls Are Starting To Crack and lacklustre Now You’re Gone, neither of which made any lasting impact.
Where the packed crowd, and band, really sparked into life was on established favourites Nowhere Again and final number First Wave Intact, drummer Josh Garza’ s relentless groove driving the trio along in considerable style especially on the latter.


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