The Dykeenies @ Tut’s 18-02-09

February 20, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, February 18 * *

They may be down a man, and in the case of Brian and Andrew Henderson a brother too, after guitarist Alan Henderson’s musical differences led to his departure, but that hasn’t deterred The Dykeenies. They’re still, like their choice of intro music suggests, a Band of Brothers.
Tonight the Cumbernauld four-piece was never going to struggle to convince the faithful, but even the most partisan punters seemed less than enthralled by much of the new material aired, forthcoming single Sounds of the City the worst offender. Instead they were at their happiest and most vocal on ironically-titled New Ideas, the derivative Stitches and Clean Up Your Eyes, all of which featured the obligatory chorus of happy clapping.
While the band’s indie-pop style was very much in fashion when they first came to prominence on the back of a 2007 NME tour, tonight their samey guitar sound, linear and ultimately predictable songs felt dated.
Grim banter and a lack of presence didn’t help their cause either but it didn’t seem to matter to the minority in the crowd who gleefully sang Flower of Scotland before the band returned for their encore.


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