St. Deluxe @ Captains Rest 12-02-09

February 22, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, February 12 * * * *

Stadiums may have giant screens to enable the masses to see what’s happening but at the Captains Rest if you want to watch as well as listen, your best bet is viewing proceedings through the bloke-in-front’s mobile phone.
Even without much of a view it was an impressive start from St Deluxe tonight. Fuzzed-up guitars, singer Jamie Cameron’s slacker drawl and a couple of great pop hooks made Slip Away and single New Wave Star real attention-grabbers.
You can understand why the quartet has seen its reputation grow in recent months, although Alan McGhee’s assertion that St Deluxe is “a Scottish Nirvana for the 21st century” is a contentious and, not surprisingly, media-friendly statement from the man who not so long ago sang the praises of Sergeant.
The honesty of the music and their performance was obvious throughout but even that at times wasn’t enough to prevent events taking a slightly dull turn as the set progressed. Can’t Change lacked the pop bluster of its predecessors and, like Stupid Ideas, seemed laboured as it reached its protracted conclusion.
Well-received, tonight’s fifty or so minutes showed a lot of promise and felt genuine but comparisons to Nirvana, whatever the century, are just a tad fanciful.


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