Crystal Stilts @ Captains Rest 21-02-09

February 27, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, February 21 * * * *

They may have taken to the stage thirty or so minutes late but when Crystal Stilts did eventually lurch into action it proved well worth the wait as a receptive crowd watched on, or rather listened given the viewing restraints, as the Brooklyn five-piece delivered an intense and at times hypnotic psychedelic-pop display.
Here to promote debut album Alight of Night, the band struck up an early rapport with the audience thanks to lively opener Through The Flow and an effortless presence.
The slightly disorganised, shambolic air of their performance – epitomised by man-of-few-words singer Brad Hargett – only served to add to the charm and NY cool that pervaded proceedings.
Hargett’s Ian Curtis-isms – doom-laden monotone voice and steely stare – proved a powerful combination throughout, lending a dark brooding quality to a set that rarely dipped in potency.
Soaked in reverb, driven along by Frankie Rose’s galloping drums The Dazzled, Sycamore Tree and Prismatic Room showed these 60s revivalists aren’t mere mimics while set highlight Crystal Stilts with its mournful vocal and sinister surf guitar proved a transfixing three minutes.


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