Iglu & Hartly @ QMU 19-02-09

March 2, 2009

QMU, Glasgow, February 19 * *

When Californian outfit Iglu & Hartly first appeared on the radar last year they were heavily touted by the NME, appearing numerous times in the weekly rag and subsequently chosen to headline tonight’s NME Awards Show.
However, such is the fickle nature of music journalism that a few months later on the release of the five-piece’s debut album, the very publication which had so vehemently pushed the band into the limelight withdrew its support, opting instead to deliver a critical panning of the synth-rap rockers’ & The Boom LP.
Tonight the quintet did virtually nothing to disprove critics with lacklustre songs and a performance strewn with clichés and mindless posturing – not that it mattered to a crowd that happily bounced and sang along throughout.
Lacking any discernible hooks, songs like Whatever We Like, Tomorrow and Out There showed little invention while People and Jump proved instantly forgettable and at times laughable.
In the end Iglu & Hartly came across as a novelty band, a band with a limited shelf-life and one that on the basis of tonight’s display have already passed their sell-by date.


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