Wild Beasts @ Tut’s 27-02-09

March 6, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, February 27 * *

Despite being signed to Domino and the critical acclaim that debut album Limbo, Panto attracted, Leeds-based outfit Wild Beasts have failed to capture the music-buying public’s attention or imagination, a fact reflected by tonight’s far from packed venue. Indeed as the quartet’s set progressed more and more space was freed-up by punters returning to the downstairs bar.
The Beasts’ multi-elemental fusion of African percussive rhythms, 80s guitar and dramatic vocals borders on the avant-garde and has “acquired taste” written all over it. On the basis of tonight’s performance however it’s a taste best avoided as the four-piece’s music did little to convert those here out of curiosity.
Bouncing and bobbing in time to the music, the Beasts obviously impressed the faithful but with safari-pop songs like the Lion Sleeps Tonight-inspired All The Kings Men and singer/guitarist Hayden Thorpe’s Tarzan-esque vocal on We’ve Still Got The Taste Running On Our Tongue it was hard not to stifle a smirk .
Honest but rather earnest, laughable from time to time, if tonight’s eleven-song set lingers in the memory it won’t be thanks to music which, without any real hooks, did little to distract from what was at times a bizarre experience.


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