Franz Ferdinand @ Barrowlands 04-03-09

March 8, 2009

Barrowlands, Glasgow, March 4 * * *

There was one genuine spine-tingling moment at the Barrowlands tonight – an inevitable wave of anticipation washed over the crowd as Franz Ferdinand launched into Take Me Out’s glorious intro. It was hard to resist. Unfortunately after the build-up’s initial euphoria the song, like much of tonight’s performance, felt routine and struggled to deliver on excitement.
There was no shortage of the usual Franz bravado and chat was kept to a minimum but still momentum was hard to maintain. Instead it was to be a set of intermittent highs – one that, although embraced by the faithful, never quite captured the imagination.
At times it seemed like the four were desperate just to get this, the first show of their two-night stint at the famous ballroom, out of the way as fast as possible. Come On Home and No You Girls burst out of the blocks at frenetic pace but left little mark behind while Do You Want To’s only saving grace was the dizzying lights that accompanied it.
However with recent single Ulysses, Franz has added another high-impact crowd-pleaser to its arsenal, and tonight it clearly hit the spot, the song provoking the most fervent response of those tracks lifted from their latest album.


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