The Xcerts @ Tut’s 08-03-09

March 16, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, March 8 * * *

With debut album In The Cold Wind We Smile released at the end of the month and a host of high-profile support slots under their belt, The Xcerts are no doubt hoping this is the year they successfully strike out on their own.
The trio are certainly poised to make their assault. Press has been good while if tonight’s exuberant over-14s crowd is anything to go by, the word is obviously spreading through the junior ranks of the Biffy brigade.
Singing along for much of the set, the audience’s reaction seemed to take the three-piece slightly by surprise but, armed with a handful of anthemic emo-tinged numbers, it didn’t knock them off course.
Well-honed throughout, the trio has the kind of polished radio-friendly rock sound that may eventually see them play arenas to hordes of angst-fuelled pop-rock fans. But as Just Go Home and Do You Feel Safe showed, with that sound comes a certain derivative formulaic-ness, which at times tonight rendered their music predictable.
It’s still early days for The Xcerts but given tonight’s crowd-pleasing performance and the reaction that they evoked they’ll soon be moving up through the rock scene ranks.


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