Doves @ ABC1 15-03-09

March 20, 2009

ABC1, Glasgow, March 15 * * *

Leaving a gap of more than two years between albums can be risky. Fickle fans move on while new trends and new bands can make the musical landscape an entirely different proposition. But in the light of Elbow’s phoenix-like revival it appears there’s always hope.
For Doves it’s been a troubled four-year hiatus and one ultimately forced upon them by circumstances. Bereavement, label woes and a stubborn perfectionist streak all combined to delay fourth album Kingdom of Rust which four years on from its predecessor, finally gets a release next month.
One thing the trio needn’t have worried about was losing their fan-base. Tonight easily sold out and judging, by the resounding and very vocal response their arrival on stage provoked, they’ll have no problem packing out the Barrowlands next month.
However, whether the new material will do anything more than placate an already loyal following remains to be seen as although performed with passion and power much of it felt one-dimensional.
They were at their best when they deviated from the overly anthemic numbers. The Greatest Denier and new single Kingdom of Rust proved less linear and more adventurous, both easily standing out. But as you’d expect it was the hits that proved most memorable with Pounding undoubtedly the most potent and euphoric of the bunch.


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