Little Comets @ Tut’s 16-03-09

March 22, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, March 16 * * *

If you missed tonight’s performance by Newcastle’s Little Comets then have no fear – it was captured for posterity by a dozen or so cameras for future online airing, but just why you’d want to relive a set that came and went without much in the way of highlights is hard to say.
Certainly the two hundred or so punters who ventured out to Tut’s hardly seemed blown away by the quartet’s brand of upbeat guitar pop. Applause was polite rather than vociferous while dancing was by-and-large restricted to a particularly animated sound engineer.
The band were clearly enjoying themselves too, but with a shortage of hooks, sharing the four-piece’s enthusiasm was difficult, especially during the latter stages when a distinctly Caribbean influence took over – songs like Fiance and Friday Don’t Need It wouldn’t have been out of place on the Weekend At Bernie’s soundtrack.
As it turned out the fresh-faced four peaked on second track Lost Time. With its catchier chorus and singer Rob Coles’ punchier vocal it easily stood out, but given that what followed proved inoffensive, it provided small consolation for a pretty average gig.


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