Noisettes @ ABC1 18-03-09

March 22, 2009

ABC2, Glasgow, March 18 * * *

After failing to make much of an impact with their debut What’s The Time Mr Wolf, tonight’s headliners parted company with their label and for a time seemed destined to be stuck in limbo. But two years on and with a new deal in place, Noisettes are back with their second album Wild Young Hearts.
This time the London trio look more likely to dent the mainstream thanks to their next single’s prominent role in Mazda’s’ current ad campaign, but as Babylon Zoo showed, one hit single courtesy of relentless airings on TV isn’t always enough when it comes to shifting albums and selling out gigs.
So how would the rest of the new material stack up? Well as it turned out not that well. Even Don’t Upset The Rhythm, although catchy, didn’t quite convince – the snippet used in commercials aside it felt decidedly lacklustre.
On the plus side the three-piece, and in particular poster-girl Shingai Shoniwa, knows all about showmanship and tonight was no different, the former burlesque artist delivered her most effective vocal on Atticus from the midst of the crowd.
Tellingly it was older punk pop track Scratch Your Name that felt freshest, the song easily eclipsing the newer, jazz-infused numbers which although not without their charms did little to suggest Noisettes have made a meaningful return.


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