The John Knox Sex Club @ 13th Note 17-03-09

March 22, 2009

13th Note, Glasgow, March 17 * * *

With only a handful of gigs under their belt The John Knox Sex Club is a band still finding its feet. Tonight they appeared at the 13th Note to record their debut EP and while it maybe wasn’t the most memorable or exciting gig, the five-piece did enough to suggest there’s more to this band than just an irreverent ear-catching moniker.
Prowling through the crowd like some kind of deranged preacher laying hands on the faithful, singer Sean Cumming threw himself into proceedings but his presence and frontman posturing did little to mask what was a less than satisfying vocal display.
Maybe not surprisingly then the band was at its best during the more frenetic instrumental passages. Rory Anderson’s short bursts of frantically shredded guitar added a real urgency to songs like William Run and Witness, the latter’s controlled but chaotic finale showing that JKSC know how to unleash a full-out sonic assault.
On the basis of tonight’s performance it’s difficult to say what lies ahead for the Glasgow-based outfit. Throughout they looked as unsure as those watching on but with time and more live outings they could develop into something special.


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