The Maccabees @ Oran Mor 19-03-09

March 30, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, March 19 * * * *

Opting to kick a tour off in Glasgow is a common tactic these days. Glasgow crowds are enthusiastic but more importantly forgiving. Therefore it stands to reason it’s an especially good location when it comes to debuting new material. For The Maccabees, tonight was the chance to air tracks from forthcoming second album Wall of Arms.
The five-piece was never going to struggle to convince those here supposedly with parents in tow. No doubt fan forums across the land were awash with teen-speak superlatives the following day. And you can understand why. This was a punchy performance, full of urgency and at times real potency.
It was the songs from Wall of Arms that ensured losing momentum was never an issue. From opener No Kind Words through William Powers and Can You Give It? they didn’t let up, dispensing three-minute salvos energised by on-edge guitar and feet-shifting drums.
Eventually the crowd got what they really wanted, debut single X-Ray and First Love had the diehards singing and dancing while a rousing pre-encore finale of Precious Time meant encouragement was vocal and sustained until the five reappeared on stage.


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