David Ford @ Oran Mor 29-03-09

April 3, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, March 29 * *

It’s not easy being a singer/songwriter. The musical landscape is cluttered with troubadours trying to express a sentiment that’s already been expressed thousands of times before. The trick according to Eastbourne’s David Ford is to avoid sounding “samey”.
The idea of trying to be different was evident throughout tonight’s marathon show. Seats were laid on, an interval punctuated his two fifty minute sets while the stage was dressed in something approaching theatrical style.
Jumping between upright piano, drum kit and guitar, building layers of sound, Ford was enthusiastic enough but his music, a curious mix of Duke Special and Damien Rice, never really felt anything other than clichéd.
Songs which would easily find a home on US teen dramas came thick and fast – saccharine troubadour-fare dispensed with the help of a loop station. When loop pedals first appeared at the feet of singer/songwriters across the world they provided a novel solution to playing live, but the novelty has worn off and now, more often than not, they make performances feel gimmicky. That was certainly the case tonight.
In the end he may have avoided sounding “samey” but with derivative melodies and a delivery that lacked real soul it was to be a fairly forgettable evening all round at Oran Mor tonight.


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