Frightened Rabbit @ Captains Rest 31-03-09

April 6, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, March 31 * * * *

As singer Scott Hutchinson stated halfway through this early evening performance, today is the last time Frightened Rabbit will be playing Glasgow for a while. Once touring commitments are met the quartet will be retreating to the studio as they set about recording the follow-up to last year’s critically-acclaimed The Midnight Organ Fight.
After fourteen months promoting it, playing over 200 shows across the globe in the process, the band find themselves in the midst of a mini acoustic tour of the UK, this time to promote live album Quiet Now.
It was in this very venue that the album, better known to the faithful as Liver! Lung! FR!, was recorded last summer so to a certain extent we knew what we were in for. Still a Rabbit show always has an edge, a raggedness that helps make them one of the best live outfits currently doing the rounds and this matinee was no different.
The “restraints” of an acoustic set up didn’t lessen the impact or passion of songs like I Feel Better and Fast Blood, while a solo encore of Poke, performed from amidst the crowd, further highlighted Hutchison’s natural ability to deliver an impassioned vocal tinged with an endearing vulnerability.


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