Official Secrets Act @ King Tut’s 31-03-09

April 6, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, March 31 * * * *

With more people here to see the support bands than tonight’s headliners, Official Secrets Act found themselves demoted to middle of the three-band-bill. It guaranteed the quartet a good-sized audience as they arrived on stage, the question was could they retain the crowd’s attention throughout a set to promote debut album Understanding Electricity.
Distinctly unsettled, the audience seemed removed from proceedings as the band gently eased into opener Bloodsport, but thanks to its eerie harpsichord synth hook and hypnotic rhythm it soon made those more inclined to chat fall silent.
Mainstream ensured momentum wasn’t lost. Like an 80s-ified Pete and the Pirates track it gleefully bounced along while So Tomorrow – aptly prefixed by singer Tom Burke’s declaration “we’re here to save you from mediocre pop music” – showed Official Secrets Act are anything but mediocre.
There was a slight lull with neither Hold The Line nor Snakes And Ladders proving particularly memorable but the Londoners soon made up for it with Victoria which, like the best of their material, benefited from an injection of urgency.
It’s easy to imagine OSA getting a festival crowd dancing, especially after such an effervescent display tonight – whether their unique brand of intelligent indie-pop will find mass appeal however, is still in the balance.


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