Dizzee Rascal @ SECC 07-04-09

April 10, 2009

SECC, Glasgow, April 7 * * *

Supporting The Prodigy on their nationwide tour has provided Dizzee Rascal with the perfect opportunity to test out material from forthcoming album Tongue and Cheek.
It was certainly a receptive crowd that awaited the diminutive Londoner’s arrival tonight at the SECC. A wailing siren was the cue for Mr Rascal and his two-man crew to bound on stage, arms aloft like conquering heroes.
With a good couple of thousand punters only too happy to follow his constant rallying cries of “make some noise Glasgow!” and “bounce like you mean it!” there was never going to be a shortage of enthusiasm generated. However relentless catchphrase repetition soon began to wear thin.
As did some of his new material which often felt disjointed with ideas randomly patched together – recent single Bonkers was the worst cut-and-paste offender. Of course it didn’t matter to the crowd who danced along to a chorus which sounded more Scooter than Rascal.
There’s no doubting he excelled when it came to the likes of Jus A Rascal, Stand Up Tall and Sirens, his quick-fire lyrics, spat out at great velocity, galvanising the Dizzee devotees down the front into a pogo-ing mass.


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