Baddies @ Captains Rest 03-04-09

April 15, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, April 3 * * *

They may have only released one single but already Southend outfit Baddies is being tipped for great things. Of course given that the main source of adulation is the NME, you’d be forgiven for approaching tonight with a certain degree of scepticism.
Despite the growing hype it was a poor turn-out for the band’s Captains Rest appearance. To make matters worse the crowd noticeably thinned over the course of their 45-minute set – by the end only twenty punters remained and they seemed far from convinced.
A mix best described as unsatisfying didn’t help matters but neither did the breakneck speed at which much of their material was delivered. Song after song came and went in a blur of frenetic guitar, pounding drums and overpowering bass. As a result Michael Webster’s aggressive vocals were rendered ineffectual.
Still it was a lively display and one which on another night could have provided an altogether different experience.
For support band Jack Butler, the only real sound problems came courtesy of a very vocal idiot element determined to shout randomly whenever the opportunity presented itself. The Stirling quartet’s use of accentuated rhythms and angular guitar parts worked best on Are You A Hustler but without any stand-out track they may well toil to capture the music-buying public’s imagination.


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