Fangs @ Tut’s 05-04-09

April 15, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, April 5 * *

Before they came to prominence as finalists on Channel 4’s Unsigned Act – the indie equivalent of X Factor – Fangs were a lively trio whose brand of sleazy punk-infused electro felt fresh and vital, but since adding a fourth member the Glaswegians seem to have lost their edge.
Having their best tracks aired repeatedly during the course of the talent show’s extended run has considerably lessened the impact of songs like openers S.I.C.K.O and Panic Attack. The former – the band’s debut release on King Tut’s Recordings – proved as catchy as ever but the delivery, although full of swagger and attitude, had the air of a band losing interest in what is a very simple song.
If the newer material had shown some or indeed any variation then such shortcomings would have been forgivable, but all too often the word rehash sprang to mind. Cos I Said So came close to breaking with the Fangs formula but, as was the case throughout, singer The Queen’s vocals sounded weak and lacked the punch required to back up her accompanying poses.
A drastically altered version of Fangs City Rockers made for a disappointing pre-encore finale – at times it sounded almost identical to Panic Attack – while the encore itself fizzled in confusion with the introduction of a wrestling-masked DJ at the sound desk.


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