Brakes @ King Tut’s 19-04-09

April 24, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, April 19 * * * *

Music needs more bands like Brighton-based outfit Brakes. Led by Eamon Hamilton, the kind of frontman who wears his eccentricities on his sleeve, the quartet returned to the studio last year to record a follow-up to 2006’s The Beatific Visions.
Released on Monday, reviews have been glowing for new album Touchdown, but then positive press has always had a way of finding the quartet, whether it translates into record sales however, is another matter altogether. Tonight they returned to King Tut’s to put in one of the most entertaining sets the St Vincent Street venue has seen this year
Clocking in at less than ten seconds, songs like Comma Comma Comma Full Stop, Consumer Producer A Chicken or An Egg and Cheney beautifully punctuated proceedings. Verging on the gimmicky or gloriously quirky, either way these party pieces do still pack a punch and tonight was no different.
Showing the band’s guitar pop credentials in the best light, new tracks Oh Forever and Don’t Take Me To Space (Man) proved worthy additions to the Brakes arsenal while a frenetic rendition of Jackson rounded off what had been, in the words of Mr Hamilton, “a lush day”.


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