The Big Pink @ Tut’s 16-04-09

April 28, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, April 16 * * *

They may take their name from The Band’s seminal album Music From Big Pink but that’s where the connection with Bob Dylan’s one-time backing band ends. The ‘Pink’ in their name refers to the type of noise duo Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze aim to create, but given the often impenetrable nature of much of tonight’s set, ‘White’ might have been a more appropriate choice of colour.
Kicking off twenty-minutes earlier than billed, the band – rounded out to a five-piece – took to the Tut’s stage, but rather than blow the crowd away with their shoe-gazing walls of noise their eight-song set felt flat and uninspired.
Doom Generation and Crystal Visions epitomised the duo’s predilection for creating underwhelming soundscapes – plateaus of guitar and synth-generated noise lurked aimlessly and without the kind of crescendo-ing peaks you’d expect from a band influenced by My Bloody Valentine.
New single Velvet easily stood out due to a more immediate melody but with much of what went before big on ideas but short on substance, it was a night less about shoe-gazing and more about clock-watching.


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