The Cinematics @ Tut’s 20-04-09

April 28, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, April 20 * *

Despite a couple of catchy singles, a handful of high-profile support slots and numerous headline tours, Glasgow-based outfit The Cinematics made only limited progress with 2007’s debut album A Strange Education. Its follow-up should appear sometime this year but in the meantime the quartet is busying itself with a UK tour to promote new single Love and Terror.
Tonight was a chance for the four-piece to try out some new material, but with Tut’s barely a third full there was a real lack of atmosphere for the band’s arrival. Sadly a collection of fairly unremarkable songs did little to alleviate the problem.
Distinguishing between the old and new tracks was nigh on impossible. The Cinematic formula hasn’t changed even if singer/guitarist Scott Rinning’s delivery has. Throughout he went through the frontman motions but rather than feeling spontaneous they came across as overly dramatic and forced.
Even their most successful single to date, Break, did little to rouse a crowd who seemed distinctly underhwelmed. The end result was a set that lacked new ideas and one which limped along in fairly uninspired fashion.


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