The Days @ Tut’s 27-04-09

May 5, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, April 27 * *

The tell-tale signs were there even before The Days launched into opening number No Ties. The bland unimaginative moniker, the show’s over 14’s status, major label backing, a keyboard set-up centre stage and the inclusion of an Usher song on the set list all suggested that, to ears not attached to a 16-year old girl, the next forty or so minutes could well prove torturous.
As it turned out the omens proved prophetic. The predominately female crowd would obviously disagree, but given they shrieked hysterically at the mere sight of bassist Dan Simpkins picking up his tambourine they might not be the best judge of the band’s musicality.
Borrowing the distinctive opening drum salvo from Chelsea Dagger, No Ties was easily the band’s best song. Catchy and with its call-and-response chorus eagerly embraced by the phone-waving mini-throng it proved a feisty slice of Disney rock.
But from there on in the only entertainment to be gleaned came courtesy of Luke Simpkins unintentionally funny lyrics and his clichéd teen-idol posturings, while not surprisingly that Usher cover, Love In This Club, drew sniggers from those unconvinced by the four-piece’s merits. Overall it was a night to forget but with a smile.


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