The Rakes @ Oran Mor 25-04-09

May 5, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, April 25 * * *

London quintet The Rakes certainly didn’t hang about tonight. Dashing on stage, little time was wasted before ripping into You’re In It, the opening track from recently released third album Klang.
Frontman Alan Donohoe – part Ian Curtis part Jarvis Cocker – drove them on throughout, yelping manically and conducting the crowd. Pleasantries were sporadic and to-the-point, they had to be given the frenetic pace the band was working at.
Losing momentum was never an issue but by bludgeoning the audience with seventeen songs in sixty minutes their potency was diluted to some degree, songs blurred and at times it all sounded a bit samey.
Those that did manage to stand out had to overcome poor sound too, but with no let-up in the urgency or energy of their delivery it made little difference to a crowd only too willing to dance.
Violent and new track Shackleton managed to batter their way through the mix all drums blazing while synth-infused tracks We Danced Together and The World Was A Mess not only survived but shone with a darkly ethereal glow.


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