The Von Bondies @ Tut’s 26-04-09

May 5, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, April 26 * * * *

If the critics general indifference to The Von Bondies latest album Love, Hate And Then There’s You is anything to go by, then it’s hardly been a sparkling return after five years spent in the indie-rock wilderness. However on stage is where it really matters and tonight the Motor City residents showed it’s too early to write them off just yet.
There had been talk of a diva-like strop before Jason Stollsteimer and his fellow Bondies took to the stage. The combination of a four-band bill and a need for the headliners to get to Manchester overnight meant their set was restricted to thirty-five minutes. Not much time at all when you consider they’ve just released their third studio album.
On the plus side it meant opening salvos Broken Man, Shut Your Mouth and single Pale Bride had an added urgency – each three minute garage-punk pop blast more potent than the last. There was a bit of a lull when Stollsteimer decided to ramble on but one female punter’s plaintive shout of “shut up and play” jolted them back to life. By the end of explosive final number It Came From Japan, and with no chance of an encore, the only disappointment being expressed by the patchy crowd concerned the length and not the quality of what was a criminally short set.


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