1990s @ ABC2 03-05-09

May 11, 2009

ABC2, Glasgow, May 3 * * *

Two years on from the release of acclaimed debut album Cookies and 1990s are back with second LP Kick. This time around critics have been somewhat divided but that didn’t deter a sizeable crowd making its way to the ABC2 tonight for the final date of the Glasgow trio’s UK tour.
For the fans it was always going to be sparkling display, but for those sceptics among the audience it was a far less satisfying hour, and one peppered with catchy but disposable pop songs.
The worst offenders relied on crowd-friendly, “na-na-na” type lyrics in the way so many landfill indie acts tend to do these days, while those vocals delivered centre stage from behind his kit by gurning drummer Michael McGaughrin felt exaggerated – as if he was auditioning for The Band.
Competent rather than blistering and with the kind of songs that give up their secrets after a couple of listens, it was difficult to embrace the band especially on those tracks where they sounded suspiciously like The Mooney Suzuki. 59 and The Box were exceptions but on the whole it was one of those gigs that failed to win over the undecided.


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