A Silent Film @ Tut’s 04-05-09

May 11, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, May 4 * *

It only takes a quick online search to see that Oxford quartet A Silent Film has struggled to make much progress since releasing debut album The City That Sleeps back in September. Articles are thin on the ground and after tonight’s performance it’s easy to understand why they’ve slipped off the radar.
Despite putting in an energetic display it was hard to see past the flimsiness of songs like Julie June, Driven By Their Beating Hearts, One Wrong Door and Death From Above. Lacking cohesion and at times direction these cinematic offerings by-and-large built to nothing on a wave of distinctive drums and otherworldly guitar.
Atmosphere may have been generated on stage but it certainly didn’t spread much further. At times you half expected to see tumbleweed blow through the sparse crowd as Stevenson made his between-song observations.
Encouragingly their brightest moment came courtesy of a new song. A departure from what went before, Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat went some way to restoring the crowd’s attention thanks to its 80s feel and sense of urgency, but Stevenson’s penchant for hand-acting did lessen its impact by adding comedic overtones.
In the end choosing to round proceedings off with You Will Leave A Mark proved far from prophetic as overall it was a night to forget.


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