Graham Coxon @ Tut’s 09-05-09

May 15, 2009

King Tut’s, Glasgow, May 9 * * *

As a gig-going experience tonight’s set was a distinctly unsatisfying affair. The writing was literally on the walls before Coxon and his two-piece band had even taken to the stage with posters scattered throughout the venue asking the crowd to observe an appreciative silence for the Blur guitarist’s largely acoustic performance.
Not that the crowd paid much attention to the management’s pleas, random heckles and song requests rang out from start to finish but for the most part they fell on deaf ears as Coxon diligently worked his way through new album The Spinning Top.
The combination of a packed Tut’s and Coxon’s decision to remain seated for much of his ninety-minute set made actually watching proceedings nigh on impossible for the majority of punters.
Despite this there were still moments when the prolific songwriter’s material shone – In The Morning, If You Want Me and Dead Bees all managed to stand alone even without any real visual aspect. But with Coxon’s chat limited to the occasional unintelligible mumble and with atmosphere in short supply, overall it was a disappointing and underwhelming display.


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