Die! Die! Die! @ Captains Rest 13-05-09

May 20, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, May 13 * * * *

“We’ve had a couple of bad days” declared singer/guitarist Andrew Wilson after a particularly manic rendition of Britomart Sunset. No doubt funnelling the frustrations that arise when the police wrongly impound your equipment, and leave you stranded a £100 taxi ride from your next gig, Die! Die Die! – thankfully reunited with their gear – were on fine form from start to finish tonight.
For once, the limitations of the Captains Rest actually played a positive part in proceedings. The lack of a stage, and for that matter a crowd, allowed Wilson and bassist Lachlan Oliver the chance to get up close and personal with the twenty or so curious onlookers.
It never felt staged as they roamed the floor and with Wilson the intensity of his delivery never waned – the frontman yelling his lyrics and frantically shredding away at his guitar as if his life depended on it.
The New Zealand trio rattled through their set at a blistering pace, hardly pausing for breath let alone applause. On Blue Skies they were at the peak of their noise-pop powers, perfectly marrying a more melodic feel while still retaining a visceral edge. By the end and like all good performances it was one which left you wanting more.


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