Mitchell Museum @ Captains Rest 14-05-09

May 26, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, May 14 * * *

Slowly making a name for themselves thanks to nationwide interest in their debut single Warning Bells, Glasgow’s Mitchell Museum may still be, to all intents and purposes, without a label but it looks like the quartet won’t remain unsigned for too long. Positive press and a fair amount of airplay should make a deal forthcoming and on tonight’s display they certainly deserve a crack at the big time.
The re-release of Warning Bells was the pretext for this the first night of their debut UK tour, but even though they gave a good account of themselves you couldn’t help but think how much better it could have been if not for poor sound.
The mix throughout was patchy to say the least but it still couldn’t lessen the immediacy or infectious spirit of opener We Won Second Prize, the song epitomising the band’s energetic brand of indie-pop.
No. 5 and Tiger Heartbeat did much to ensure the four-piece’s enthusiasm spread through the crowd, the latter in particular proving a firm favourite while the inappropriately-named Room For Improvement, with its Grandaddy vibe, again showed the band’s knack for weaving a melody.
Above all it was an honest performance and one which on another day could have sounded a whole lot better but still there was much to enjoy tonight.


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