Broken Records / Sparrow & the Workshop @ Tut’s 03-06-09

June 8, 2009


King Tut’s, Glasgow, June 3 * * *

The music press seems divided when it comes to Edinburgh’s Broken Records. Panned by some adored by others, the seven-piece’s debut album – Until the Earth Begins To Part – has certainly split opinion. On the basis of tonight’s set however, it’s hard to tell just why they should provoke such extreme reactions. They’re nice guys who write nice music but without the kind of vital spark required to kindle their Arcade Fire aspirations, this was a performance that proved entertaining and dull in equal measures. Debut single If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It proved the highpoint. With a real sense of urgency and infectious rhythm it easily stood out in a set where every other song seemed to get lost en route to its protracted conclusion. Opening act Sparrow and the Workshop on the other hand, scarcely put a foot wrong during the course of a captivating forty-five minutes. The Glasgow-based trio shifted through shades of country, folk, rock and pop, among others, with seamless ease. Helped in no small part by Jill O’Sullivan’s chameleon-like vocals, the somewhat depressingly named outfit showed they’re very much a band worth keeping an eye on, particularly if outstanding new track Into The Wild is anything to go by.


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