The Panics @ Tut’s 01-06-09

June 8, 2009

The Panics, Glasgow, June 1 * *

According to Jae Laffer, creative driving force behind The Panics, in the five-piece’s native Australia they’re “at the top of the tree as far as thinking guitar bands go”. It’s a bold statement and after tonight’s display one which begs the question, just how bad is music down under?
Recently fellow Aussies The Temper Trap, although hardly cutting edge showed on the Tut’s stage they had soul and passion while the idiosyncratic Sleepy Jackson, again on the same stage, demonstrated how to weave a melody with the deftest of touches.
The Panics on the other hand, three albums into their career, displayed little imagination and felt wholly pedestrian tonight, serving up a bland blend of indie-pop which no doubt goes down a treat on Mothers’ Day in Oz.
Songs came and went in predictable fashion, and although the patchy crowd showed some support it never felt more than polite. Applause evaporated quickly and with frontman Laffer struggling to strike up a rapport, it was overall a rather lacklustre hour.
The worst offender was Cruel Guards. Laboured and mournful it plodded along for what seemed like hours before reaching its protracted conclusion. There was some consolation in the shape of Cash but it was scant reward for what was a middle-of-the-road run-of-the-mill performance.


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