Florence and the Machine @ Oran Mor 31-05-09

June 14, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, May 31 * * *

Whether you like it or not, chances are if you haven’t already heard of Florence and the Machine that will soon change. A Brit winner earlier this year after scooping the Critics’ Choice award, Florence Welch and her backing band “the Machine” are probably the most hotly-tipped band of the moment.
Welch’s burgeoning success is in part attributable to the BBC who, via their Introducing strand and Sound of 2009 poll, have been quick to sing her praises. As you’d expect the NME followed suit and with major label backing to boot, it’s time to get ready for the summer of Florence.
But while tonight’s youthful and predominately female crowd will no doubt rush to buy debut album Lung come July, those of us in the Oran Mor minority will chalk FATM up as yet another band plucked from the peripheries to fill a ones-to-watch list quota.
Sure her voice is impressive, powerful and at times, depending on the song, distinctive but too often it came across as Kate Bush night on Stars In Your Eyes. An overly theatrical stage presence, realised with a fan to help out on the billowing hair and frock front, lent a disingenuous, contrived feel to proceedings.
Admittedly packed with radio-friendly pop numbers, overall it was a night more memorable for the drama of the delivery than the substance of the songs.


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