Emma Pollock @ Captains Rest 24-06-09

June 29, 2009

Captains Rest, Glasgow, June 24 * * * *

A combination of the heat and, for most of us, an inability to actually see the stage made Emma Pollock’s long overdue return to Glasgow tonight something of an endurance test. It obviously put some punters off as, with the set reaching the halfway point, the crowd had notably thinned but at least it meant vantage points to actually see the former Delgado, and her three-piece band, became available.
Although not due for release until January, tonight afforded the diminutive singer/songwriter the chance to preview new tracks from her sophomoric album, and by-and-large her more dynamic approach seemed to work.
New tracks like I Could Be A Saint, Red Orange Green and Hug The Harbour, played alongside established favourites from her Watch The Fireworks debut, highlighted a more robust side to Pollock’s new material.
They may have lacked the immediacy of the excellent If Silence Means That Much To You, Adrenaline and crowd favourite Fortune but on the back of tonight’s performance it’s easy to imagine critics waxing lyrical come the new year.


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