Glint @ Cabaret Voltaire 24-07-09

August 8, 2009

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, July 24 * * *

The signs weren’t promising tonight and that was before Glint even ventured out of their dressing room. A lack of interest in tonight’s show meant the New Yorkers’ first performance in Scotland became a free gig, but even instigating an open door policy failed to attract much of a crowd. Those that did venture into the basement venue witnessed a well-honed display but one which overall failed to leave any lasting impression.
A tendency to stretch songs to breaking point with repetitive protracted endings meant the urgency of tracks like Kernel Panic and Hold Still was diluted by the four-piece’s epic intentions.
It wasn’t just the band’s synth-infused indie-rock music which seemed over-egged at times. Frontman Jase Blankfort’s roots in theatre were all too evident throughout. His pleading hand gestures and tortured soul histrionics were such that, during Friends and Man Vs Man you half expected him to produce a skull and launch into a soliloquy. However it was the unremarkable nature of much of the set that ensured polite rather than enthusiastic applause trickled from the crowd.


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