The Victorian English Gentlemens Club @ Tut’s 05-08-09

August 8, 2009

Glasgow, King Tut’s, August 5 * * * *

Ridiculously-named bands are commonplace these days, the trick is being remembered for your music rather than elongated monikers that do little but draw sneers.
Tonight’s grammatically challenged four-piece The Victorian English Gentlemens Club may labour under a preposterous label, but on stage, where it counts, they showed a genuine honesty and an ability to make the much-used quiet/loud dynamic work in their favour.
It’s a shame then that more people didn’t make the trip to Tut’s tonight as their no-nonsense approach helped the quartet put in a memorable display that should make their next visit an altogether busier affair.
Throughout, sporadic outbursts of maniacal vocals, a heavy-duty rhythm section and fuzzed-up guitars lent proceedings a distinctly Pixies-like air – satisfyingly noisy, melodically intriguing. At the moment they may lack the kind of hooks capable of catapulting them to the giddy heights occupied by Black Francis and Co, but the signs are still positive.
The fact TVEGC were at their best on tracks lifted from soon-to-be-released second album Love On An Oil Rig bodes well for the Cardiff-based outfit. Certainly if stand-out song Bored In Belgium is anything to go by, TVEGC is one of the few bands deserving of the equally ridiculous moniker ‘ones-to-watch’.


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