Dinosaur Pile Up @ Sneaky Pete’s 26-08-09

August 31, 2009

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, August 26 * *

Edinburgh’s got numerous unusual spaces that have been, for better and for worse, converted into music venues. The latest to join the ranks is Sneaky Pete’s, a fairly nondescript bar save for the massive pillar rising from the middle of the floor. Tonight with numbers struggling to reach fifty the obstruction was easily negotiated, sadly however the issue of sound was harder to ignore.
Ironically the sound was at its best behind the pillar – not an ideal vantage point from which to view headliners Dinosaur Pile Up. To actually see the trio ply their noisy trade you had to endure acoustics best described as atrocious.
Walls of distortion and overwhelming bass rendered singer/guitarist Matt Bigland’s vocals all but meaningless on most tracks. A couple almost survived unscathed, both Rock ‘N’ Roll and All Around The World showcasing the band’s post Nirvana style favourably thanks to the immediacy of the melody and their use of the quiet/loud/quiet dynamic.
However despite their passion and a broken snare drum, masterfully replaced without losing a beat by drummer Steve Wilson, there was a certain predictability to some songs, Melanin and Love Is A Boat the two main culprits.
After a thirty minute set it’s hard to tell what the future holds for the three-piece, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll never sound worse than they did tonight at one very Sneaky Pete’s.

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