Pastels Tenniscoats @ Stereo 02-09-09

September 8, 2009

Stereo, Glasgow, September 2 * * *

Glasgow stalwarts The Pastels may have been keeping a low profile in recent years but thanks to their love of Japanese pop and the creation of their own record label, the band – reduced to core members Stephen McRobbie and Katrina Mitchell – is back with a new album written and recorded with Tokyo duo Tenniscoats.
Tonight marked the collaboration’s first live appearance so understandably it maybe wasn’t the most polished of performances. Not that it bothered the crowd too much, the majority of whom were only too happy to let songs like set highlight Song For A Friend and Boats take them on what McRobbie described as a “smooth journey”.
The warmth and honesty of their music contributed to the easy flowing nature of much of the material aired tonight but too often the gentle meandering feel of songs like Charlie’s Theme, Thru’ Your Heart and album title track Two Sunsets came and went without making too much of an impression. Add to the equation stifling heat and at times it was hard to connect with what was actually happening on stage.
In the end it was a set that proved hard to muster enthusiasm for and one that, save for the odd track, failed to capture the imagination.

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