Okkervil River @ Oran Mor 09-09-09

September 12, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 9 * * * *

Numbers may have suffered due to events at Hampden and news of the score may have dampened some spirits but for most in attendance, Okkervil River’s return to Oran Mor was the only thing on their mind.
They certainly gave singer Will Sheff their full attention, hanging on his every word, clapping whenever prompted and taking on vocal duties when the gangly songwriter took a step back from his teetering mic-stand.
Sheff’s theatrical delivery style did at times feel slightly OTT but his obvious passion for playing live ultimately shone through especially on tracks lifted from arguably the band’s best album to date, The Stage Names.
A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene made for a jaunty opener while A Girl In Port, with its evocative lyrics and hazy, folksy ebb and flow, had the enthusiastic audience swaying gently throughout.
A particularly rousing rendition of John Allyn Smith Sails and the chaotic bursts of sound on Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe ensured the pace picked up as the set neared its conclusion.
After thanking us for “skipping the football” Sheff lurched into final track Unless It Kicks, the song’s uplifting melody ensuring the six-piece went out on a considerable high.


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