The Low Anthem @ Oran Mor 07-09-09

September 12, 2009

Oran Mor, Glasgow, September 7 * * * *

Although it was a relatively good turnout for The Low Anthem tonight, you suspect it would have been an altogether busier affair if not for gigs around the city by fellow alt-country acts Willard Grant Conspiracy and Neko Case.
For the Rhode Island trio’s first appearance in Scotland the setting couldn’t have been better, aesthetically at least. The former church’s auditorium lent a real sense of atmosphere to proceedings, and that was before they’d even taken to the stage.
It wasn’t long before three mournful yet dreamy harmonies were soaring towards the suitably celestial ceiling murals. To The Ghosts Who Write History and the sublime Charlie Darwin both proved irresistible slices of Americana.
The latter in particular with its heavenly melody and understated instrumentation was simply a joy as was Ohio, another stand-out track from recently re-released second LP Oh My God, Charlie Darwin.
Like on the album, tonight there were some songs that, although not without the occasional flourish, came and went in fairly mundane fashion. Intermittently ropey sound – always an issue in unusual spaces – played its part too, but the honesty of their performance and music was such that they more than deserved the sustained applause each number provoked.

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