Jet @ ABC1 11-09-09

September 20, 2009

ABC1, Glasgow, September 11 *

Television adverts have a lot to answer for. Using catchy snippets of songs to sell some demographically-targeted must-have gadget can propel a previously unheard of, and more often than not, undeserving band into the mainstream. For Australian rock n’ rollers Jet it was the use of Are You Going To Be My Girl in Vodafone’s worldwide campaign that helped the quartet shift in excess of 3 million copies of their 2003 debut.
The follow-up didn’t fare so well and judging by reviews for latest offering Shaka Rock the writing’s on the wall for Jet, however for the band to decipher it, it’ll have to be written in the font preferred by AC/DC.
There was certainly nothing offered up tonight that suggests a Jet revival anytime soon. The days of playing venues the size of the ABC’s thousand plus room look numbered, especially if they continue to knock out repetitive uninspired songs like they did tonight.
Mindless, almost entirely devoid of an original idea and reliant on stop-start riffage it was a set where the lighting often proved more entertaining than the music and the thought of heading home more attractive than an encore.

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